Taste the Grain

transforming cultivated usa rice into spirit


An original spirit crafted with intention and purpose. Authentic and true to eastern-style influence, but refined for western-style drinkers. Whether standing alone or presented as a base in a variety of unique cocktails, Harvest Select offers a delicate balance of aroma, forward flavor and a smooth, even finish.


Spring/Summer 2022

An American Rice Koji Spirit

Through a pioneering effort to blend the history of American rice production with the tradition of Japanese distillation, Horyzon Spirits present a new expression of one of this country’s most harvested grains. We’ve crafted our spirit with intention, while respecting a process that has been refined over hundreds of years. Koji is the essential ingredient unlocking the grain’s ability to be expressed in a unique way while providing a depth and complexity unseen in conventional American spirits. The result is a new category setting the standard across the country.


Our journey took us from coastal South Carolina to family-owned farms across the Mississippi River Basin to source suitable rice grains conducive to making spirits. We combine those rice grains with pristine Georgia mountain spring water to create a smooth, complex, and extraordinarily drinkable spirit.