Horyzon Spirits

Horyzon Spirits Rice Whiskey

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Horyzon originate?

The name HORYZON has several different origins. The primary reference is to the word oryza, a Latin name for rice, while the off-spelling of the word “horizon” is an ode to the country of Japan nicknamed “The Land of the Rising Sun.”

What type of Bird is on the logo?

The blackbird with the gold crown that appears on the front of our bottles and on our logo is called a bobolink. This particular species is known as the “rice bird” and derives its Latin name oryzivorus from the root word oryza for “rice” and vorus meaning “consumes” or “eats”. The bobolink feeds on cultivated rice fields during the southern migration. Depending on what angle you view the bobolink, the gold crown on the neck sets an image of a sun rising over a dark horizon.

Where is Horyzon produced?

We proudly handcraft all our spirits in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is an American Rice Whiskey?

A distilled alcoholic beverage where the primary grain used in fermentation is rice and koji has been used to covert the grain into sugar.

Which Horyzon spirit should I try?

For clear spirit drinkers who prefer vodka or gin we recommend starting with Harvest Select. For those who are more accustomed to darker spirits such as whiskey or bourbon we would recommend Southern Blend.

What ingredients go into the making of Horyzon?

Our spirits are made from four simple ingredients: rice, spring water, yeast, and black koji.

What are some cocktails to make with Horyzon?

We’ve provided a few options for you to try at home or ask your local bar to make for you. Visit the “Our Spirits” page to read more.

How is an American Rice Whiskey created?

Learn more about Our Process.

Where do you source your rice?

We source all of our rice from family-owned farms across the Southeast from Arkansas to South Carolina.

Is Horyzon vegan and/or gluten-free?

Yes. Not only are our line of spirits gluten-free, but they are also low calorie. One fluid ounce of our spirits are less than 60 calories, less than an equivalent amount of vodka or gin.